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The Wheel - Klaus K

The Wheel - Sorø, 1967: - The band “The Wheel” existed in the period 1967-69 at the boarding school “Sorø Akademi” - The band consisted of classmates (from the left) Niels Pedersen: guitar - Klaus Kjellerup: guitar & vocal - Søren Pedersen: drums  & Christian Hoffmann: bass.

“The Wheel” played copy versions of the times hottest names eg. Jimi Hendrix & Cream - and also "Hvis jeg nu var arbejdsløs" by Peter Belli - plus a few songs written by Klaus K in English. “The Wheel” played in public several times in Sorø and surrounds, among other places at "Sorø Borger- & Realskole" and at "Hotel Postgaarden". The band was dissolved when some of the members acquired other interests.

The photo is from the bands rehearsal room in Søren Pedersen’s parents cellar at 1, Christiansvej in Sorø. Note that Klaus K already put himself forward as the orchestra leader at the age of 14 (before he was fully grown up) - in the picture he is giving instructions to the drummer Søren Pedersen, in how he thinks that the drums should be played - (with an illegal cigarette in his hand) - while the other members tune their instruments.

Note also the obligatory Sorø Akademi-uniform with white shirts and ties - something which the boys at that time found to be out of place, but today it would be the height of fashion. 

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