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1983: My-my, what a change ... or? - "There is nothing 'sissy' about knitting.” says Stanley - while the sensitive Klaus K. with a cheroot looks with life weariness at the camera. Read this treasure of an article from the magazine 
Søndags-BT about “Tøsedrengene” in 1983. (translated from Danish)
1981 - In an elevator at Sønderbro Hospital: 
From the left: Klaus Kjellerup, Aage Hagen, Gitte Naur, Jan S., Anne Dorte, Michael Bruun & Stanley (with 70-ies fashion: hair parted in the middle, bib & brace overalls and clog boots)
Rosenborg Castle 1983: 
Photo from "Ekstra Bladet", which was to be like the cover on "Alle vore Håb", when it was released in 1983. From the left: Aage Hagen, Anne Dorte, Jan S., Maria Bramsen, Michael Bruun, Stanley & Klaus K.
Roskilde Festival 1983: A peak in "Tøsedrengenes" career. In front of 50,000 people, on the Orange stage the group gave a fantastic concert, which many of the Roskilde veterans still call one of the biggest Roskilde concerts ever. The picture shows the groups two main composers, Michael Bruun & Klaus Kjellerup, who were responsible for the music of most of the groups hits.
"5-øren" Amager 1983: One of the biggest concerts, that was carried out there - and which they still talk about on "5-øren"

Gold record presentation 1983:  Amateur photo taken by the pool in Polygram director Stefan Frylands garden south of København (at that time one received a gold record the sale of 50,000 copies) - with the participation of the Greve Girl guards. From the left: Michael Bruun, Maria Bramsen, Aage Hagen, Anne Dorte Michelsen, Jan Sivertsen, Henrik Stanley & Klaus Kjellerup.
Song writing pair: Klaus Kjellerup with cigar and Anne Dorte Michelsen at "5-øren" in 1983. The pair fabricated simple singable hits on a conveyor belt for "Tøsedrengene" - and co-operation is continued after the group's disbandment, in that Klaus has currently delivered music to Anne Dorte's solo career - and she, lyrics to Danser med drenge.
Maria Bramsen 1983 - Maria was only just 18 years old, when she joined "Tøsedrengene" - selected after an audition with the band, where also among others, Hanne Boel & Dodo took part. Because of Marias young age, the orchestra had to promise her mother, Cynthia Bramsen, that Maria did not get to bed too late, when the orchestra was touring. Maria brought to "Tøsedrengene" a strong, soul energy to the front, and was both musically and visually the perfect counterpart to Anne Dorte Michelsen.
"Tøsedrengenes" anchor man:  Jan "Syre" (acid) Sivertsen - the least acid person, one could imagine. With Syre behind the "kettles" it could never go completely bad, because the rhythm was held in tight reigns. Within the orchestra he was alternately called: "The Director" and "Denmark's most swinging drummer ... in tempo". The last was definitely not true - Syre played with more precision and tightness that the drum machines, which started to come on the market in the beginning of the 80-ies...
Stanley - cofounder of "Tøsedrengene" together with Klaus K. - Stanley was the only one in the group to retain his civilian job as a postman. Stanley was the groups reggae expert - a thoroughly musical soul, who also delivered several great reggae melodies to the "Tøsedrenge" repertoire.
Toastmaster: Aage Hagen performed all sorts of circus like inclusions on stage. He swallowed fire, walked a tightrope and acted as strongman (he even performed "The dying swan" at a concert at Louisiana Museum in 1982) to both the publics and the rest of the bands howls of laughter. He was in fact an excellent composer, who remained a bit in the shadows of Bruun and Kjellerup, in that he only contributed a handful of songs to the orchestra. 

[translated from Danish by Hans K. Rasmussen  - Sydney, Australia]

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